October Caddis Season is already here!


I know it’s early but this fall fishing season is upon us. The weather has changed considerably, salmon are spawning early, Grey Drakes, Blue Winged Olives and even October Caddis have been seen on the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers.

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It’s time to start thinking about fall caddis patterns. While there are many species of caddis that emerge throughout the fall, none are more important and more exciting to fish than the October Caddis.

Below is a list of patterns to stock up on this fall.


Morrish Foam October Caddis – A favorite foam pattern, sits low floats great.
Bird’s Octoberfest Caddis – A new super floater, great for hanging mid sized droppers from.
CDC Orange Caddis – smaller caddis pattern with great action on the water.
J’s Hi Tie October Caddis – Hi Vis triple winged foam body caddis pattern.


October Phat Ass – Heavy Pupae pattern great for steelhead and trout.
Anderson’s Bird of Prey – A favorite pattern over the past few seasons.
Carnazzo’s Stick Caddis – Super cool lighter pattern that will fish near shore.
Bead Head October Caddis – the classic October Caddis pupae, fish it deep or swung.

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  1. doug carver says:

    coming to Oregon to meet and visit girlfriends family in Klamath Falls. Arriving Portland day or two before Halloween. Have no clue where to go, what to bring, where to begin in that area. Can anyone open correspondence and give some suggestions and advice. More or less catch and release so not going to deplete your local stock! LOL. Just want to enjoy the beauty and hope to catch some fish in the process. I have been at it for a long time but not great at selection of flies. I can cast fine, I think I understand reading the water most of the time, not sure my presentation skills is up to snuff but been getting better and better. She is new but getting to enjoy. But she might prefer some ultralight spin (I know, working on that! haha!) The point is, something not TOO technically challenging would be helpful. OH, basically fishing 5wt 9ft gear with floating line but do have some other lines if suggested to bring. Anyone who can open correspondence would be appreciated. carver3781@aol.com (or meet us and spend some time showing off your neck of the woods?)

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