Brown Seeker Jigged Nymph Fly Tying Video

This is one of a series of jigged nymphs that will allow you to stock your box with a range of nymph colors that cover the fundamental range of colors and be confident that you will be able to entice some grabs from trout in a wide variety of waters.

The series (I sometimes refer to these as Kiwi nymphs but that is being a little presumptuous) includes nymphs with overall shades of tan, olive, and blackish. All feature mottled tungsten slotted beads and a hot spot, and all are tied on size 16 barbless hooks, but of course any of these nymphs can and should be modified to suit the angler/tyer’s intuition.

Enjoy. JN

Brown Seeker Jigged Nymph.

Hook – Barbless jig #16
Thread – Danville’s 6/0 red
Bead – 1/8 Mottled Brown slotted tungsten
Lead free wire – .015
Tail – Coque De Leon
Body – SLF Damsel Nymph Tan
Rib – copper brassie wire
Thorax – UV Tan Ice Dub
Hot spot – UV Hot Orange Ice Dub

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