Krumbo Reservoir Report May 2019


Headed out last week for the Malheur Wildlife Refuge for our annual bird watching event. Missed last year due to some “technical issues” at the Field Station, but all is well now and the station is ready for anglers and bird watchers.

This trip allowed some fishing time verses bird watching. Took my float tube along and headed out to Krumbo for about four hours. The fishing was good! Mostly slow trolling with a brown bugger with a trailing Zug Bug seemed to be the best opportunity. I saw other anglers using indicators and Chironomids with positive results.


The weather was about a 10+ due to lack of mosquitos and “no see ums” They were present but not enough to get out the Deet!The bird count this year was 90+.

Malhuer 2019

Looks like the great weather will continue for the next several days. Fishing will continue to be good, its a great time to hit Crane, Metolius, Mckenzie, or the Deschutes (Salmon Fly Hatch is imminent with this great weather!). Get out there!


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