New Flies for Spring 2019

Spring is a great time too add to and organize your fly collection. We have a robust collection of spring and summer flies in stock to help out. Today’s post highlights some super cool new flies from Rainy’s Flies.

New Nymphs

Loren’s Hot Intestinal Bug
Loren's Hot Intestinal Bug

Loren’s Stud
Loren's Stud

Rowley’s Pay Czech
Rowley's Pay Czech

Hindmarsh’s Pleaboi
Hindmarsh's Pleaboi

Rowley’s Mayday Mayfly Nymph -Rainbow
Rowley's Mayday Mayfly Nymph

Rowley’s Black Jack
Rowley's Black Jack

Finlayson’s Dirty Politician – Three Colors Available
Finlayson's Dirty Politician

Hindmarsh’s Pea Wee
Hindmarsh'e pea wee

Jigged Flexi Stone
Jigged Flexi Stone

Swimming Baetis Nymph
Swimming Baetis Nymph

New Flat’s Flies

Casa Blanca Rag head Crab
Colby's Casa Blanca Raghead Crab

Colby’s Pig Farm Shrimp
Colby's Pig Farm Shrimp

Colby’s Casuarina Spinner
Colby's Casuarina Spinner

Bass Pike and other Predators

Arculeo’s BC Frog
Arculeo's BC Frog

Arculeo’s BC Mouse
Arculeo's BC Mouse

Saunder’s Swimming Frog
Saunder's Swimming Frog

Rainy’s Dead Duck
Rainy's Dead Duck Yellow

Rainy’s Dead Duck Black
Rainy's Dead Duck Black

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