Jay’s Tiger Dad Trout Tube Streamer (w/o Rabbit Strip) Fly Tying Video

In this fly tying tutorial Jay shows us how to tie a Tiger Dad Trout Tube Streamer and by accident without a Rabbit Strip. We will have another video showing this same fly with the Rabbit Strip added in. This fly is best fished on the swing.


Jay’s Tiger Dad Trout Tube Streamer (w/o Rabbit Strip)

Nanotube Sink 2 or 4
Pro Hook Guide Black and Pro Sport Flexineedle
Drop Weight Small or Medium
Veevus 10/0 Black
Cement: Loc Tite Brush on
Body: Speckled Chenille Copper/Black
Body: Medium UV Polar Chenille Copper
EP Foxy Brush Olive/Brown
Ice Wing: Copper
Red Ultrasonic Disc
Gamakatsu Glo Bug Hook #6

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