Fly Tying Scissors Review by Jay Nicholas

Jay NIcholas Caddis Fly Shop Scissor Review MG_0834

We are fortunate to have access to a ton of very good fly tying tools these days—but in some respects the abundance of choices makes it difficult for the average fly tyer to decide between various products.

So today, I’d like to present several fly tying scissors that I have used, each and every one of them, and found all to be effective and durable, all are well with their cost.

The Loon 4-inch adjustable tension razor scissor
lower right in photo
adjustable tension
super sharp and fine tips
slightly serrated blades
non-slip yellow coating on finger holes
large finger holes

Dr. Slick 4-inch Razor Adjustable Tension Fly Tying

Second from bottom right in photo
adjustable tension
super sharp and fine tips
large finger holes
two sizes – 4 inch and five inch

Anvil Ultimate Straight Scissor
Third from bottom right in photo
small finger holes
adjustable finger holes
cushioned non slip coating on finger holes
five Anvil Scissor Options available

Tiemco TMC Straight Blade Scissor
Forth from bottom right in photo
modest size finger holes
thicker material in finger holes
available in straight or curved blades

Cohen’s Curved Sculpting Scissors
Top right scissor in photo
slightly serrated blades
four options available are 4 and 4.5 inch – curved or straight blades

Anvil Curved Fine Point Scissors
Scissor on left in photo
very short blades are great for up close work
light and adjustable finger loops
non stick material on finger loops

To repeat – these are all very good fly tying scissors. None are entry level and all will give you good service.

Jay Nicholas early 2018

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