Pyramid Lake Balanced Leech Fly Tying Video

This is of course a fly that could and should be fished in many lakes and ponds, not only in Pyramid Lake and for sure this fly would fish well in rivers under an indicator too.

It will take a little time looking over the straight pins in the sewing or jewelry section of your local craft store. I got lucky on my first attempt but now I’m going to try some of the pins that have a rounded head and some with a smaller head for smaller flies and beads.

The combination of glass and brass seems nice touch adding color and sparkle and helps fill in the back side of cones if you tie with those instead of beads.

I did not specify bead size because it is terribly subjective and is relative to both hook size and angler preference and how far forward of the hook you want to run the pin.

I’ll be trying more flies on these jig hooks soon and hope to share several of the alternate options but overall this looks like a really fun way to go.


Pyramid Lake Balanced Leech

Hook: Daiichi 4660 Jig #6
Thread: Danville’s 140D flat wax
Tail: Spirit River UV2Marabou olive
Flash: Ripple ice fiber minnow blend
Pin: Short pin from craft store with flat head (trim to size)
Bead: to suite hook size
2nd Bead: red glass large
Body: Dave Whitlock SLF blend mix of light and dark olive

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