Book Signing Today Sunday October 14th 2017 – Modern Steelhead Flies

MSF Cover

In case you haven’t heard, the new book Modern Steelhead Flies is finally in print, and the authors are coming to Eugene this Sunday to hang out and sign books. Our good friends Rob Russell and Jay Nicholas will be at the Caddis Fly from 12:00 Noon until 3:00PM this Sunday, October 15th. Photographer Jon Jensen, whose photographic skills were key to making the book, is also hoping to attend.

Modern Steelhead Flies is a 300+ page, hardcover edition published by Stackpole Books. The book bridges a major gap in steelhead-fly literature, picking up the story in 1993 and bringing us to the present day. It’s the first book of its kind to bring the Pacific and Great Lakes schools together under one roof. It’s also unique for its analysis of steelhead fly evolution, and for presenting an “emergent hypothesis” regarding the importance of sculpins as a protagonist (spoiler alert!). The book features over 400 fly patterns from 66 contributing tiers, and over 1000 beautiful photos. Step-by-step tying instructions are included for 14 patterns, including two versions of the Intruder. The list of featured tiers includes several of our local luminaries: Ethan Nickel, Matt Ramsey, Barrett Christiansen, Jason Cichy, Dean Finnerty, and of course, our very own Jay Nicholas.


The authors will be on hand to sign books and share stories from their 6 years creating Modern Steelhead Flies. We hope you can join us and pick up a signed copy for your fishing library, or as a gift to your favorite steelheader!

Photos: Cover image, Jerry French Fly Box, Justin Miller Fly Box

Rob Russell and I will be at the Shop from roughly 10 AM until 3 PM on Sunday, October 15th – we will be really pleased to see you there!

Future venues for book signing will be scheduled at other PNW fly shops as we can manage so if we miss you this weekend there will be additional opportunities yet to come.

Jay Nicholas and Rob Russell – October 2017

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