10th Annual Two Fly Tourney This Weekend 10% of Sales This Friday Go to McKenzie River Trust


2017 marks our 10th Two Fly Tournament and kicks off this Friday. As part of the events fund raising we are donating 10% of our sales this Friday to the McKenzie River Trust. Come by, have a beer, spend a bunch and support a great non profit land trust. All Friday October 13th 2017.

2017 is has been a really big year for The McKenzie River Trust. The McKenzie Homewaters Campaign has been an extraordinary success. The Trust’s land acquisition of the Finn Rock reach is an incredible move to preserve some vital habitat for wild chinook salmon and wild rainbow trout on the McKenzie River. If you have not become an McKenzie River Trust contributor please do, they are doing some great work.

wild trout on the McKenzie River

This years tournament is our 10th year and we would like to thank a few of the manufacturers who have helped us put this years tournament together. Patagonia is our key sponsor donating $1500 and some great prizes, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses and Scientific Anglers have also provided some great prizes to our top three finishers.


We have our good friend Mazzi from Hideaway Bakery making wood fired pizza’s at the shop on Friday night and Mucho Gusto catering at Ninkasi Brewing on our Saturday tournament summary evening.

Stay tuned for results.


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One Response to 10th Annual Two Fly Tourney This Weekend 10% of Sales This Friday Go to McKenzie River Trust

  1. josh says:

    two prince nymphs walk into a bar…

    I have no punchline for that joke, but I am wondering what two flies won this year.

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