DRA Secures Important Victory for Clean Water Advocates!

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From the Deschutes River Alliance

Dear Deschutes River Alliance Community,

We’re excited to announce a major development in the DRA’s Clean Water Act lawsuit against Portland General Electric.

For months, the DRA Legal Team has been working diligently to defend citizens’ authority to enforce water quality requirements at hydroelectric projects. This past Monday, August 14, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit appeared to put this critical question to rest, by siding with the DRA and refusing to hear a PGE appeal on the issue. This decision will allow the DRA’s critical Clean Water Act lawsuit to proceed, and is an important victory for clean water advocates across the country.

The Ninth Circuit’s decision has great significance for water quality in the lower Deschutes River, and for other rivers that are severely impacted by hydroelectric projects. Click here for more on the DRA’s lawsuit and the Ninth Circuit’s important decision!

Cooler, cleaner H2O for the Deschutes.

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