Peter Goes to Iceland

Peter goes to Iceland

Although limited to only one day, my flyfishing experience in Iceland was nothing but positive. It began with a web search and an inquiry to Go Fishing Iceland. I got an immediate response, and after a pleasant phone conversation with Heimir, and an assurance that his guides spoke English, I committed to a days fishing for Arctic Char and Brown Trout.

Peter goes to Iceland

On the morning of my scheduled trip, Ari arrived at our Air B&B to pick me up. The morning was rainy and very windy, Ari immediately suggested that I reschedule if possible, but was quick to say that if I wanted to go, he was certainly willing to take me. After taking into consideration my ability to cast into 40 – 50 mph winds, I quickly agreed to postpone. I was impressed with Ari’s command of the English language and his general air of quiet confidence.

Peter goes to Iceland

A week later, I again met Ari at the appointed time and place. We drove for about 45 minutes; paved highway, gravel road, through a gate, a less traveled road through a pasture finally stopping at the shore of a lake, the name of which I can’t pronounce. We then donned waders, boots, and a Simms jacket, then took off around the lake to it’s outlet, a river – the name of which I can’t pronounce – and Ari had me begin nymphing with an indicator and a #16 midge. At that point the river was fairly shallow with a sandy bottom. Before too long, I was in to my first Arctic Char. They are beautiful fish, and I was fortunate to get a few more before the day was over. Although we fished hard for Browns, the only one went to Ari’s streamer. Lunch time was a meal of typical Icelandic food, and some great conversation with Ari. He is a very personable, knowledgable, and professional guide whom I would recommend without reservation. In summation, a great experience.

Peter Cadigan

From the outfitter:
Very positive summary. I´m glad to hear you had good experience fishing with
Ari at the Holaa river

Thanks a lot for doing business with us. Be welcome to get in touch at any

Best regards

Heimir Bjarnason
Tour operator/Ferðaskipuleggjandi

Go Fishing Iceland
H Bjarnason slf
Hraunbraut 17
200 Kópavogur
tel: +354-551-2016, +354-866-9354

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