Lower Mckenzie Fishing Report 4/10/17


The Caddis Fly Shop end of the week crew took a day and headed out to the lower Mckenzie.   Please, no adjustment of your monitor is necessary. The blue stuff in the pic above was just a momentary lapse in darkness, and heavy showers.   The river had good color and has survived the weeks of high levels.    As the river continues to drop, boaters should keep a cautious eye out for possible river hazards.


The usual suspects, Mega Prince and jigged Hare’s Ear were working quite well.   Also the rubber legged Possie Bugger added some nice contributions.


We did observe some surface activity with caddis and some March Browns.  Occasional rising was observed on this day.   Opportunities for surface activity will increase as our weather improves.  The main issue has been the continued high river levels.   A much needed snow pack is a blessing, but not without consequences for valley anglers.

With the current forecast (if you believe it!) “showery” weather will continue.   Translation:  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR RAIN GEAR AT HOME!   Get out there and enjoy our spring.  The weekend looks “showery!”



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