Jigged Possie Bugger Fly Tying Video

In this instructional fly tying video Tony Torrence demonstrates how to tie the Jigged Possie Bugger. The Possie Bugger is quite possibly the most popular nymph pattern in our area; hopper-dropper, indicator, or Euro style fly fishing, the fly always produces. If you have Caddis in your local waters, give the Jigged Possie Bugger a try and hold on tight.

JIgged Possie Bugger

Jigged Possie Bugger

Thread: Veevus 10/0, Brown
Hook: TMC C400BL or Daichi 4647 sizes 8-16; size 12 in video
Bead: Gold Slotted Tungsten Bead; size 1/8 in video
Weight: Lead Wire 3-4 wraps; 0.015 in video
Tail: Ozzie Possum fur piece-Natural and Pearl Flashabou
Rib: Pearl Flashabou
Counter-rib: Small Copper Ultra Wire
Abdomen: Wapsi Awesome Possum Dubbing
Hackle: Partridge
Thorax: Black Hareline Dubbin


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