Polar Shrimp Rabbit Strip Steelhead Tube Fly with Jay Nicholas

Polar Shrimp Rabbit Strip Tube Fly by Nicholas 2017

Polar Shrimp Rabbit Strip Tube Fly by Nicholas 2017

This is a variant of the many rabbit strip tube flies you will see that are deadly when fished for steelhead and many species of salmonids. This version of the fly is one that I see as reminiscent of the old Polar Shrimp fly that I fished back in the 1970s tied on Eagle Claw 1197-b or 1197-g hooks in size 2 or 4.

I will feature other color variations of this same pattern (I hope) in other videos and some folks may find the repetition a bit of a bore. Still, I never know what I’m likely to say when shooting these videos, or which stories I may or may not relay. And I’m a firm believer that repetition builds on everyone’s basic tying skill set. And then there is the fact that sometime it is nice to see different colors of materials combined on a hook or tube in order to appreciate the fly’s potential and develop the desire to tie the darn thing.

Here goes . . . . .

Tube: Pro Sportfisher Micro Tube or medium classic tube
Hook guide: Pink large
Hook option: Owner #2 straight eye or OPST Swing hook #2
Rabbit Strip: Cream white (#40)
Hackle: Shrimp Pink Schlappen or marabou
Cone: Hareline large tungsten cone

I hope you see possibilities in this fly style

Jay Nicholas – winter season 2016/17


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6 Responses to Polar Shrimp Rabbit Strip Steelhead Tube Fly with Jay Nicholas

  1. G Fitz says:

    Great looking fly. I need to add some of these muted pinks/oranges and whites to my box. They look fishy to me, but I don’t have confidence in the pale tones yet. You fish these in clear water conditions? Maybe when the darker/flashier stuff might be too much?

  2. Scott Brewer says:

    I’m thinking rockfish!!!!

  3. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Actually, I prefer these pinks and dream flies in greenish water, close to clear but not quite there. They don’t show up very well in brown water and seem a little bright in really clear water, but if it is cold and clear they are just right. JN

  4. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Now you got me going—yes, I’ll definitely have to give these a try on the black rockfish, if the surf ever calms. JN

  5. Sam says:

    Muted pinks and orange seem to work well in high off color water. Without the cone and stacked with a reverse marabou tube should be a good springer fly. I like to add the cone weights as a slider, as necessary, a la Scott Howell. I agree lots of color combinations possible here.

  6. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Agreed. Many options and this is just one of many examples of a versatile fly style and color combination. Thanks. JN

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