Fly Fishing Collaborative banquet

Fly Fishing Collaborative is having its annual fundraising banquet on March 3rd, 5pm-9pm at the Multnomah Athletic Club in Portland, OR.

If you haven’t heard of FFC, their vision is quite inspiring. The founder and Executive Director, Bucky Buchstaber along with his wife, started Fly Fishing Collaborative as an opportunity for the fly fishing community to pool their resources in order to help children fight the social injustice of human trafficking and sex-slavery.

How does this work? Through many contributing avenues of collaboration. As examples: Notable outfitters and guides have donated guided trips to FFC in which the public can reserve a trip on FFC’s website; Flytyers worldwide have donated their patterns that are also available for purchase through FFC; Custom leather fly wallets are available and can be customized for standard flies or maybe even vintage patterns (this just in: new leather goods are coming soon, including leather reel cases, rod cases, etc. – keep your eyes peeled for a March “reveal”).


All these donated items from passionate fly fishers help raise funds so that FFC can “bring sustainable livelihood to innocent children who are either at risk, or have been rescued from, the horrible injustice of sex trafficking. They do this by building (and providing on–going support of) sustainable aquaponics farms for safe houses and orphanages around the world, offering education and sustainable job opportunities for women from local safe-homes, and through a number of other justice based initiatives.”

It might be worth your time to check out the following link to find out more about FFC’s Vision as well as their use of aquaponic farming. A few videos in the link also explain the passion that is behind the organization.

FFC’s banquet goal is to raise $100,000 in order to fully fund new sustainable farms in Africa and Southeast Asia as well as develop a new anti-trafficking initiative in Portland, Oregon. Join fellow fly anglers​​ in making a difference.

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