Simple Steelhead Skater Fly Tying Video

This is a steelhead/sea-run cutthroat fly inspired by the pattern by Brett Jensen, newfound friend, who provided the recipe to Doug Brutaco of Aqua Flies. I borrowed from Brett’s Klamath Skater and his Obie Skater, both great flies on the Klamath and Rogue, to make this fly my own – figuratively speaking.

Chris likes the B10S hook better than my Daiichi 1530, but hey, I’ll stick with my standard for the time being. Feel the freedom to experiment and tie this fly on any hook you might choose for skating summer steelhead like the TMC 7999 or 7989.

I find this fly skates best on calm surfaces, not so well in the most turbulent waters -it is highly buggy and cutthroat in coastal rivers take the fly well too.

simple skater

Simple Steelhead Skater

Hook: Daichi 1530 # 6 or Gami B10S #4-6
Thread: White 210 Danville
Body: UV Polar Chenille UV Olive
Flash: Lateral Scale
Tentacles: Lady Amherst
Foam: 2MM Black
Post/Wing: Humpy Deer

I hope you enjoy tying and fishing this fly, and any variations you may decided to impart on your own also.

Jay Nicholas; Summer 2016

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One Response to Simple Steelhead Skater Fly Tying Video

  1. Dan says:

    Fished with Brett many years ago. Is he still guiding? I’m back in CA and looking to hook up with Klamath guide or… for fall winter steelhead flyfishing.

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