Jay Nicholas tying at Shop noon-4 on Thursday Sept 29th


Jay at the vise.

Jay at the vise.

It is short notice, but I’ll be at the Caddis Fly Shop on Thursday from noon to four on Thursday September 29th. I’ll be tying salmon flies but looking forward to visiting with old and new friends about fly tying, fishing and life. I hope that you can drop by and say hello but if not, I’ll be back shortly and there will be plenty of opportunities to visit this winter.

Jay Nicholas, 28 September, 2016


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One Response to Jay Nicholas tying at Shop noon-4 on Thursday Sept 29th

  1. Scott Brewer says:

    Was going to come up but same thing happened as last year when you made it down to Coos Bay for the tying demo, my kayak was surrounded by Chinooks and silvers rolling and jumping and it’s just had to pull one’s self away from biting fish. Especially when the spinner flingers aren’t catching nothing.

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