Coastal Lake Trout Fishing

Town Lake trout on 20 September, 2016.

Town Lake trout on 20 September, 2016.

While many anglers thoughts turn to salmon or sea run cutthroat, there are still opportunities to fish for nice lake-bound trout on the coast. A small but dedicated cadre of fly anglers pursue these fish and I found myself fleeing the estuary on a recent day. Too much wind. Too many people in my favorite fishing holes. So I snuck off to the lake and found some quality trout that took a slow stripped brown bugger.

Two fish came to hand that afternoon – and brought a smile.

Camera shy trout.

Camera shy trout.

I encourage you trout anglers to get out and explore your local waters now that water temperatures are cooling as the nights get longer and the rains begin to fresher our creeks and lakes. Opportunities for fall trout fishing exist all over Oregon– not just the coast range.

Jay Nicholas


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  1. Zane Hesting says:

    Sneaking away from the masses usually yields good results in frame of mind if not fish. The photography in your blogs is stunning.

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