Excellent Fall Fishing to be had on the McKenzie River

Fall fishing on the mckenzie

Low water, low light, and good insect hatches have the McKenzie River fishing great. A great variety of hatches have the fish active throughout the warmest hours of the day. No need to get up early 10-4 is prime time with the cooler temps the last couple of days. As we warm a bit in the coming days evening fishing will hold up a bit longer.

Fall fishing on the mckenzie

Best Patterns of Late

Short Winged Stoneflies – Chubby Chernobyl
Grey Drakes – Parachute Adams
Pale Evening Duns – PMD Patterns – Purple Parachutes
October Caddis – Stimulators – Parachute Madam X and Foam Patterns
Jigged Prince Nymphs

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