Conservation News: Proposed Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary

Jay Nicholas North Umpqua

This is a brief note to let our readers know that there is a new film  by Shane Anderson featuring the Proposed Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary.

Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary from Pacific Rivers on Vimeo.

My interest in this sanctuary is both professional and personal. On the science side of the coin, Steamboat Creek is paramount in it’s importance to wild summer steelhead on the North Umpqua River. Across the Oregon coast, its importance to summer steelhead in general is also extremely high in a region that supports only three populations of summer steelhead (Siletz, North Umpqua, Upper Rogue). I’ll not go into details on the proposal but will attach a press release by Pacific Rivers at the end of this post.

On a personal level, Frank and Jeanne Moore are among the most dear friends of my family; we have enjoyed many walks looking at wild flowers with them as well as hours sitting around the kitchen table at meals, tying flies, exchanging fishing stories,  second-guessing questionable ODFW and federal management decisions, and applauding the good decisions. Our criteria are beyond reproach, so there is no need to go into specifics here. Point is, Frank has shouldered a huge part of the load of protecting Steamboat Creek when no one else did. Frank’s indomitable spirit is a key factor in creating the world we inherited, a world in which the North Umpqua still supports a decent (if not optimum) population of wild summer steelhead—period.

Enjoy the movie. Support the cause. We might still enjoy our hatchery summers in the Umpqua; but without  a decent population of wild summers in this river, we might as well admit that we allowed one of Oregon’s precious and unique wild runs to perish because of our inattention.

Jay Nicholas (August 26 2016)

Press Release follows:

Contact Hilary Shohoney (503 228 3555 x 207) —

Pacific Rivers Releases New Film on Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary

Portland, Ore. – Pacific Rivers’ Shane Anderson just released a new 5-minute film on Frank Moore and the proposed Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary. The film focuses on Frank Moore and his dedication to the summer steelhead that call Steamboat Creek home. Legislation has been proposed that would protect approximately 100,000 acres of public land for critical steelhead spawning and rearing habitat and honor a legendary conservationist.

In World War II, Frank Moore fought on the shores of Normandy, earning the prestigious Chevalier of the French Legion of Honor for his bravery. In 1946, he returned home to his wife Jeanne and together they started the Steamboat Inn, which has served as a gathering place for fly fishing enthusiasts from all over the world. Frank Moore has been angling for over 80 years and has dedicated his life to conserving and protecting his home watershed and the summer steelhead that live there. Frank has served on the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission, received numerous conservation awards including the National Wildlife Federation Conservationist of the Year, the Wild Steelhead Coalition Conservation Award, and has been inducted into the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

The proposed legislation permanently protects critical portions of Steamboat Creek, one of the last remaining cold water sanctuaries for spawning steelhead in the Pacific Northwest. It preserves over 50 miles of Steamboat Creek and the surrounding landscape, protecting clean drinking water, wildlife habitat, and creating scenic recreation space for fishing, hiking, and more. The North Umpqua watershed draws anglers from far and wide to cast for summer and fall steelhead, fall and spring Chinook, Coho, and sea-run trout. Additionally, black bears, river otters, bald eagles, spotted owls, elk and much more wildlife call this watershed home, making this Sanctuary crucial for biodiversity, carbon sequestration, and a healthy well-functioning ecosystem.

About Pacific Rivers

Started in 1987 by two whitewater rafting guides who had witnessed the destruction of Oregon’s rivers first-hand, Pacific Rivers works at the watershed level to promote clean and healthy rivers, because water and land are indelibly connected. Our mission is to protect and restore the watershed ecosystems of the West to ensure river health, biodiversity, and clean water for present and future generations.

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  1. david jensen says:

    Please watch the Pacific Rivers video, then click on the “Take Action” and send your email to Congressman DeFazio urging introduction in the House of a bill to establish this critical sanctuary. As Frank so eloquently says, rivers fouled at their headwaters do not heal themselves as they flow to the sea. The North Umpqua summer steelhead is a very special wild genetic treasure.

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