Frenchie Jig Nymph Fly Tying Video

In this instructional Fly Tying Video, Tony Torrence demonstrates how to tie the Frenchie Nymph in the jig format. While the Frenchie is just another Pheasant Tail Nymph variation, it has become a popular fly on a lot of Eastern Oregon streams and rivers because it’s so effective. The jig style really shines when fished on a hopper-dropper rig, but also as you main fly in a two fly indicator rig.

Frenchie Jig Pic

Frenchie Jig Nymph

Hook: TMC C400BL or Daichi 4647, Sizes 10-16
Bead: Copper Slotted Tungsten Bead
Thread: Veevus 10/0, Fl. Orange
Tail: Coq De Leon
Rib: Small Copper or Gold Ultra Wire
Abdomen: Pheasant Tail Fibers
Thorax: UV Shrimp Pink Hareline Ice Dub


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One Response to Frenchie Jig Nymph Fly Tying Video

  1. Local Yokel says:

    Come on y’all! Pipe down! This fly is always my ace in the hole when I fish west of the mississippi! Stick to your prince nymphs!

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