North to Adventure: The Next Generation

For decades, our family has traveled far into the Canadian wilds to fish for northern pike and walleye at Lake Esnagi. You might remember some blogs posts from years back… Molson and whiskey-soaked weeks chasing forty-inch pike with fly rods.

This year, I took my son for the first time. On the first hour of the first day, he smacked his orbital bone on the side of the wooden boat and bled all over. We stuck a Sponge-Bob Band-Aid on it and hoped for the best – we were far from any roads or stitches. He stuck it out and spent the rest of the week reeling in large, toothy critters. I even had a chance to get a few on the 8-weight.

Some photos below. Hope you enjoy them.











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2 Responses to North to Adventure: The Next Generation

  1. david jensen says:

    Matt, you are raising a hockey player, and that’s a beautiful thing.

  2. Jim Terborg says:

    This proves the saying “The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree”
    Looks like many more Father and Son fly fishing trips are in the future.

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