Greg Senyo’s Micro Shanks – a great new option for Micro Intruders and more!

Caddis Fly Shop Senyo's Micro Shanks
Many fly tyers have been in the process of down-sizing their Intruders, and have been exploring the world of swinging a variety of streamers and smallish Intruder style flies for trout.

Our friend Greg Senyo has teamed with Fish Skull and we now have these Micro Shanks at our disposal, at 17mm and 23mm to work with.

Senyo’s Micro Shanks will give us more options when tying than the excellent OPST 20mm Dumbell eye shanks, because the Senyo’s Micro Shanks have the ability to link two or more shanks together to make articulated style flies.

I will be featuring Micro Intruders tied on the OPST 20mm shanks and on these Senyo’s Micro Shanks this summer, but I wanted to spread the word about these two products now, in case my video schedule slips while I’m writing and fishing.


For the present, here is a photo of a 1.75″ fly I just tied on a 23 mm Senyo’s Micro Shank: the hook is a #6 OPST Swing Hook. The accent is Pro Sportfisher HD Jungle Cock, the body is Senyo’s Muppet Fusion Dub. Feelers are Lady Amherst Pheasant, and the hackle is Ringneck Pheasant Rump.


And here just above is another summer steelhead fly I just tied that I am quite sure will catch me a fish in the next few weeks (ha ha).

Any tyers who have struggled to craft small steelhead flies with trailer hooks will immediately recognize the excellence of these small shanks with features that include the shape of the shank, the finish, and the fine wire diameter. I recommend these Micro Shanks very highly.

Whether you are tying flies to swing on your MicroSpey rod for steelhead, crafting european style wet and dry flies for Atlantic Salmon, tying articulated Intruders in small sizes, or tying flies with clean short shank hooks for warmwater species, I think you will like this new product.

Jay Nicholas, June 2016

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2 Responses to Greg Senyo’s Micro Shanks – a great new option for Micro Intruders and more!

  1. Guy Allen says:

    Great flies – good things come in small packages! Like the use of Pheasant Rump Feathers for hackling – especially for more subtle summer patterns.

  2. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Thanks Guy, and yes, it is sometimes the simple feathers or good old craft fur that we turn to in times of “need.”

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