Green Butt Soft Hackle Fly Tying Video

In this video Jay Nicholas uses a classic steelhead fly theme to tie a wet fly for trout and Sea Run Cutthroat. Swing and twitch this one on a floating line for trout in the spring.

Jay flies April 2016

Green Butt Soft Hackle

Hook: Alec Jackson Chironomid #7-9
Thread: Veevus 12/0 Black
Butt: Chartreuse Ice Dub
Body: Peacock Black Ice Dub
Rib: Copper Wire
Wing: Grizzly hair Fiber (New from Cascade Crest Tools)
Hackle: Badger or Grizzly Hackle


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One Response to Green Butt Soft Hackle Fly Tying Video

  1. Mrmachinist says:

    I had a similar idea a few years back, funny how great minds think alike…..a modern classic.

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