Deschutes Alliance Report: Black Spot Disease

Black 1

Have you ever seen a Bull Trout with black spots? This recent report from Deschutes Alliance is yet another alarming trend regarding change on the Deschutes. In the report you will see what appears to be Black Spot Disease showing on recent catches. The report shares observations of the disease on bull trout. Thus far, the disease does not appear to be harmful to fish. The report further reveals the disease may be linked to the increase in the snail population.

No matter what side of the argument about “the tower” you choose, this change is yet another, change to the water of the Deschutes, and it’s not good! Read the report to learn more.

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One Response to Deschutes Alliance Report: Black Spot Disease

  1. Kerry Cunningham says:

    Another black spot on the Deschutes is the loss of access such as the Oak Springs fish Hatchery area due to them and the railroad. It used to be that the railroad would take people up the river to fish, now we cant even walk on the tracks. Who is the Deschutes alliance saving it for.

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