2016 Fishing Regulaitions

Happy New Year to all Anglers!

Reg 3

An old dude, named Socrates, once said “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” With this quote in mind, our beloved ODFW bring us the new regs for 2016.   These regs were not an easy task by any means.  ODFW is attempting to make our fishing regs more simplified.  I have to admit, they did a very good job under a lot of pressure and input.   For certain, you should get or read a copy of the 2016 fishing regs.  Its professionally  done and packed with change.  Here are few excerpts to get you going to read them and hopefully, embrace the new!

Reg 2

Yes, Warm Springs to Trout Creek is now open ALL YEAR ROUND!

Reg 1

This reg is testing my embrace of change for certain.   However, it is what it is, and let’s get  on to 2016, tight lines to everyone for a safe and fish filled year!




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One Response to 2016 Fishing Regulaitions

  1. Chuck Y says:

    My bad, the e-book posted on the website is still the 2015 edition. I’m hoping that the opening of the McK tribs is final.

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