Local Angler/Author William Laing – “Waiting For The Hatch Watching For A Rise”


A reflection: The life of a flyfisherman. People, places, & rivers remembered
E. William Laing

Bill Laing is a 78-year-old retired Dentist and life-long Flyfisherman. He lives in Eugene Oregon with his wife, Shirley. The McKenzie River is his home-water. He is a charter member of the McKenzie Flyfishers, charter member of the International Federation of Flyfishers, and a long time member of the McKenzie River Guides Association.
This collection of stories is from a lifetime of experiences and memories. It’s mostly, but not exclusively about fly-fishing,
You won’t learn how to catch more or bigger fish. You won’t learn the best places to fish. You will learn about the people who fly-fish, the personalities of flyfishers. You’ll learn about other people and events that have affected Bill’s life.

A book for the seasoned angler — Humorous, thoughtful, and entertaining stories every Flyfisher can relate to. Bill Laing captures the essence of fly-fishing and eloquently reveals there is more to fly-fishing than catching fish. Buy it today at the Caddisfly — $12

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