“Christmas Islandish” Bonefish Fly Tying Video

This is the time of year when new fly tying materials hit the shelf and we get to create new and interesting twists to old proven patterns. The video above uses the super cool Hareline Double Pupil Eyes for the eyes on the fly. I can remember when Randall Kaufman had Umpqua Feather Merchants hand painting lead eyes for the Christmas Island Special, you couldn’t buy these eyes then but could buy the finished fly. Double Pupil Eyes fix this availability issue and add a tremendous selection of sizes and colors. The other really cool material this fly utilizes is a Coyote Mask. Each mask has a great variety of color, ties in beautifully and breathes when wet. The natural variance of the Coyote Mask makes it perfect for numerous streamers and bonefish patterns. Finally the Veevus Iris or Iridescent Thread, which has so many applications, is used for the body on the very sparse Christmas Island Special. Veevus Iridescent thread is going to be great for slender nymphs and streamer bodies.


Chartreuse X-Mas Island Special

Hook: TMC 811S #4

Thread Veevus 6/0 Chartreuse
Tail Krystal Flash Limegreen/Chartreuse
Body Veevus Iridescent Thread/Braid Chartruese
Eyes Double Pupil Eyes Chartruese White Pupil
Legs: Micro Silicon Legs Clear W/Fl. Orange Tips
Wing: Coyote Mask/Krystal Flash

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