East Lake Report 2015

East 3You might ask “Why is this guy smiling?” Headed out with Ken C. and Steve JL to East Lake this week. Steve had never been to East Lake. Ken and I knew the callibaetis hatch would still be going on. We were not disappointed. Dry flies were the key to success and the Callibaetis Cripple was the top producer. East 2

Ken and I hit into some nice browns and we both missed huge strikes at our flies.  Basically the fish cannonballed our flies!  I missed mine completely and Ken was rewarded with a straighten hook.

East 1

Something to watch out for this time of year…”a slight chance of rain showers”….translation…its going to pound rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning! We figured, metal boat, graphite rods, yep, might be a good idea to seek shelter and wait for it to blow past. Except, the darn fish kept rising!

East 4

There is no need to adjust your monitor, it got that dark while we waited out the “shower”. Great trip to East. Many rainbows to hand in addition to browns above. We discussed where we would go the next day. We would test our humility, and head for Crane Prairie.

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