“Nearly” an Intruder: Black & Chart Tube Fly for Chinook Salmon

Yep, this is yet another of my “almost” intruders that feature great materials, color scheme, and technique to produce a fly that is attractive to every living fish on the planet but especially to Chinook salmon because these fish often like the chartreuse end of the spectrum with black hints and if this isn’t a long enough sentence for you I apologize and will try to make the next one even longer.

Tying this and any similar fly with the EP brushes makes the process simple and the results pleasing to the fish and the fly’s performance.   Grizzly Flutter legs help give the fly movement and sparkle, and Extra Select Marabou flows nicely in the current. The only feature this fly lacks is the length that would allow fore and aft segments to remain distinct under the tension of the river flow – not something that causes salmon to reject the offering, just a silly trait that I have come to demand in my Intruder flies.

Intruder Essentials Cover

Intruder Essentials Cover

Intruder Essentials shows step-by-step photos of 24 original Intruders, if any reader/viewers would be inclined to consider a physical reference point for honing their respective Intruder tying skills.

Best to everyone; hope you found some ideas or snippets in this here video to inspire your own tying to new heights.

Jay Nicholas


Tube: ProSportfisher NanoTube, clear
Hook: OPST Swing Hook
Butt: EP Minnow Head Brush, Chartreuse
Butt Topping: Black Ostrich on top only
Butt Topping: Mirage Lateral Scale
Butt Topping: Grizzly flutter Legs Chartreuse
Body: Flat Diamond Braid, Chartreuse
EP Minnow Head Brush, Chartreuse
Thorax: Extra Select Chartreuse Marabou
Thorax: Extra Select Bright Purple Marabou
Thorax enhancer: Mirage lateral Flash
Thorax Topping: Grizzly flutter Legs Chartreuse
Wings: Blue grizzly saddle feathers (email or call shop for availability)
Thorax finish: Bright Purple saddle, schlappen or Guinea
Cone: ProSportfisher Ultra Sonic Disk

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