Tom Larimer’s Green Butt Purple Fly Tying Video

This bright pattern is another brilliant creation from the vise of Tom Larimer.  Though the tried and true Green Butt Purple is a relatively new pattern to me, this little gem has earned a place in my Summer Steelhead box.  Many things dictate size choice, but I usually fish a #5.  No big tales to tell, let’s just say, it catches fish!   A mono leader, your favorite dry line, and you are off to the races!  As I understand an absolute must for the Deschutes!


Jan 2015

Tony Torrence





Tom Larimer’s Green Butt Purple

Hook: Daiichi AJ D2051, Sizes 3-7

Thread: UTC 90, White; Veevus 10/0, Black

Rib: Silver Lagartun Oval

Body: Rear-Half, Fl. Chartreuse Floss

Front-Half: Purple Hareline STS Trilobal

Wing: White Calf tail, or other white hair of choice

Wing Flash: Hareline Purple Haze Prism Flash

Hackle: Dyed Purple Guinea

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