Sun Valley 2014

2014-10-05 17.48.28

The last day of the trip. We are now in Sun Valley and on the way stopped and checked out Silver Creek. Serenity and peace are not often used words but Silver Creek brings out those words. We saw some moose wandering about and captured some pictures. We had a conversation about our last day and where we would go. We had a choice of Silver Creek and or the Big Lost River being great choices.

2014-10-06 13.37.07

Our trip had one common theme….we were the only anglers fishing each area, each day. We wanted to keep it that way. Our walk 20 minutes rule and see nobody would not work on Silver Creek this day, we chose The Big Lost River. The rule worked held true for the Big Lost.

2014-10-06 12.39.31

Choosing the Big Lost River on this day proved to be a very good choice. We were once again, the only anglers. We waded up stream and found our first West Slope Cutthroat trout holding up in small pockets. For us, it was very exciting to catch a new species of trout. With some October Caddis flying around the choice of using a Orange Stimulator proved to be successful.

2014-10-05 17.47.47

2014-10-06 12.27.50

Moose 3 (2)

Like any trip, it has to end sometime. However, we shall return with a much better understanding of the waters we saw and what surrounds. We have returned to our beloved Oregon. We have accumulated fresh lifetime memories and a very healthy understanding for those who claim, ” I fished Montana”, “the ranch was awesome” or have you seen Silver Creek?” or “the Big Lost River is a great fishery”…..we now understand.


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