Lady Gaga Marabou Tube Fly Tying Video

Bruce Berry from Pro Sport Fisher, Hatch, and Beulah Fly Rods stopped by the shop recently. After we had a look at the new gear Bruce sat down to tie a couple of flies. The Lady Gaga Marabou Tube is Bruce’s take on the popular steelhead pattern. He ties it on a Pro Tube 40/40 tube and demonstrates how to “roll” marabou.


Bruce Berry from Beulah rods and Pro tube tying flies at the shop today

Lady Gaga Marabou Tube Fly

Tube: 40/40 Flexi tube Pink
Thread: Black 6/0 Veevus
Body: Veevus Tinsel/Thread
Rear Bump: Hot Pink Pro Opossum
Hackle 1 : Pink Marabou
Hackle 2: Kingfisher Blue Marabou
Wing: Royal Blue Marabou
Flash: Copper Flashabou
Collar: Black Schlappen
Cone: Black Pro Cone Large

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One Response to Lady Gaga Marabou Tube Fly Tying Video

  1. Tap says:

    Travis Johnson pattern.

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