Take Work Off and Fish Locally

mckenzie rainbow

So here is the plan for Friday. Go into work early make sure it’s all handled and then head to the river around 11am! Today we have a bit of rain and overcast. The fish on the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers have been “thirsting” for this day. The trout on the lower McKenzie have been watching adult Pale Morning Duns, Green Caddis and Little Yellow Stones buzz by them upstream at 15 miles an hour in the hot sun for 3 weeks. Today the rain pelts them to the surface and slows their emergence. The fish will capitalize and be reckless. Swing pale colored soft hackles, skate CDC Green McKenzie Caddis and dead drift PMD patterns.

On the upper McKenzie river you will find Green Drakes, Pale Morning Duns and smaller brown caddis. It’s likely to be one of those epic days where you realize how many fish there really are in a run because they will all be out feeding near the surface. You will see fish in water that you didn’t think they held in, and the largest fish of the year will most likely be available on the surface.

On the Middle Fork of the Willamette the bugs will be similar but, Green McKenzie Caddis and Green Drakes should be your focus. The river is in fantastic shape in terms of levels and clarity. It’s just been missing those warm spring rainy days. Well here we are. Get out there and enjoy!

spring day on mckennzie river

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