Blue over Chartreuse Saltwater Surf Candy Fly Tying Video for Pacific Salmon & Rockfish with Bucktail and Cure Goo

Ain’t entirely sure, but I think the Surf Candy fly style is undeservedly under-appreciated on the US Pacific Coast.

As I researched saltwater flies, beginning my personal venture offshore, I was struck by the fly’s simple construction, slim profile, and the transparent sheath created by application of Cure Goo. These qualities seemed desirable to fly tyer and fly consumer (the fish, silly).

This particular fly is one that has caught a great many Black Rockfish for me, notably when the predators are keying on smallish baitfish. This is a common occurrence, and when the Blacks want little fish to eat, this little fly will keep you in the game. The Surf Candy style of fly will not dive on the drop like a Clouser, but a strip retrieve that haltingly brings this fly towards the surface is often a very productive presentation. I have also had Rockfish eat this fly with great enthusiasm when cast down current, allowed to sink for 5-10 seconds, and then strip-retrieved in 6” jerks – keeping the fly in the top 5 ft of less of the ocean. When Rockfish are busting baitfish on the surface, there is no need to let the fly sink at all, just cast and begin stripping immediately, and be ready to get hammered.

Chinook salmon anglers out there pay attention. Fish this fly when the Kings are waking in across the beach from the ocean sometime soon. It produces.

Jay Nicholas

Rockfish Candy


Overall Length = 2.5”
Thread: Fine mono
Hook: #2 Mustad 3407
Body: Bucktail – White/Chartreuse/Fl. Blue
Topping: Smolt Blue Krystal Flash
Eyes: 7/32” Adhesive Holographic Super Pearl
Cure Goo: Hydro and Tack Free

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2 Responses to Blue over Chartreuse Saltwater Surf Candy Fly Tying Video for Pacific Salmon & Rockfish with Bucktail and Cure Goo

  1. Dean B. Cade says:

    Indeed Bob Popovich of Long Beach Island is the developer of the Surf Candy.
    This is a great fly for Stripers and just about anything else targeting smaller bait!
    Additionally, he used a lot of buck tail in his early flies!
    Gotta love how much nicer it is to not having to use epoxy.

  2. Jay Nicholas says:

    Thanks Dean, I really have been having fun tying and fishing saltwater flies in the last few years. I’m very late to this game – most of my fly tying roots buried in freshwater salmon and steelhead and trout flies – but learning and experimenting and adapting ideas from long established saltwater fisheries to my salmon and steelhead fishing. What a great ride this is. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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