Late Season Steelhead Show – March 2014

Yes it is mid March, and time when steelhead season often winds down. This year however some rivers are seeing more winter steelhead than they did earlier, so for those folks who still have the energy, there are indeed fish around to show a fly. Or whatever you want to show ‘em. Whatever that means.

I had the opportunity to fish a little last few days and found a few fish. Photos attached, and please, no comments from wise persons who notice that this is only one fish photographed from seventeen different angles. It may be the case, but let’s be polite, and pretend that I might have caught more than one even if I didn’t. Thank you so very much.


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3 Responses to Late Season Steelhead Show – March 2014

  1. wags says:

    Jay is that your dog and is it an australian cattle dog? Looking to replace my last fishing companion – 12 # female Parsons Jack Russell – dog loved to see fish. But hearing good things about Cattle Dogs so curious.

  2. Jay Nicholas says:

    This is Bandit, my friend Jim’s Blue Heeler and yes, as far as I know an Australian Cattle dog. Bandit is a wonderful companion. He loves to go out in the boat. Loves to lick a fish. Being a genuine farm dog, he is apt to smell a little on the rank side, though, and has harfed-up puddles of yellow-tinged, stinky forbidden riverside snacks onto my fly line coiled at my feet in the boat, but I love him still. And yes, there was the time I stepped on some part of his anatomy and he didn’t hesitate an instant to nip me. Good thing I was wearing waders. I deserved it too. He is great with kids and loves to play retrieve the stick/ball, and we really enjoy having Bandit in the boat. JN

  3. Sam says:


    Good job culling out those hatchery rascals….

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