Summer Arrives on the South Island


Our first season as owners of Cedar Lodge has been really enjoyable in many ways. Meeting new clients and returning guests has been great. Exploring new water, fishing new gear and new fly patterns has been a blast.

BUT… each morning from early November to late January examining the weather and making a flight/fishing plan based upon cold fronts and high water was challenging to say the least. We managed to fish all but a couple of days despite the weather but the “brochure day” was not the norm.

This last week however the weather has come right and I haven’t needed to do anything but look outside, it’s been fantastic!

A few photos celebrating Summer on the South Island to follow.


Dan and Anne Spogen joined us for there 25th year!


The kids have been enjoying riding our our “car less” country road.



I have been loving my Fishpond Mid Length Boat Net. I have also loved the fact that my kiwi guide com-padres have been giving me a really hard time for it. Yes it’s bigger and more difficult to get through thick west coast bush, but it’s really good when you need to scoop a big brown mid stream. The net is also really good in terms of protecting a fish it’s in shallow water. Finally flies do not catch in the very tough rubber bag!




Cicada’s, hoppers, Royal Wulff’s and Blow Flies have all been working well!


Eighty two year old Jon Pennachi with a nice fish on!

If you are looking at a trip to New Zealand this season we still have a few open dates, get in touch with us at If New Zealand is on the bucket list in the future make Cedar Lodge part of your plans.

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  1. Clay Miller says:

    Spent several weeks in Haast, Wanaka and Queenstown with not a fish sighting over that time period. I feel like I’m OK on spotting fish in that I guided float trips on the Madison, Big Hole, and Yellowstone through the 80s but maybe not. Gotta say that after my time here NZ fishing is way overrated!

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