Weekend Chinook Plans?

In case you are wondering, yes bulk of the fall chinook run has yet to enter the Elk, Sixes and Chetco rivers so prospects are good if you are one of the crazies who pursue these magnificent fish. A commercial fisherman we know, recently caught a chinook about 3 miles off the Elk, with a fly in it. Yes, a chartreuse Comet no less. He has caught 2 other kings with single hooks or spinners that they encountered in the Elk or Sixes, and the fish must have just headed back out to sea. So yes, sometimes fish enter the rivers for good and some just drift in and then go back out again, a few carrying fish hooks acquired in the estuary. If you are planning to head south, we will have a fresh supply of salmon flies this Thursday afternoon, but you might want to call and reserve a few if you need them. ¬†Won’t last long, we’re guessing. Fly lines too might merit a day or so thought in case we need to get the line you need for the weekend, so let us know ASAP and we’ll get you covered with all the tackle you’ll need to make for the perfect salmon fishing weekend. JN

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