Dory Fleet update, October 5 2013

October 5, 2013.

Flat ocean? Hook up the Dory and go.  It’s that simple.

The Black Rockfish were difficult to find, bit reluctantly, but were the largest we have seen all year.  Casting Clousers for Chinook, we hooked a few silvers, had fun, and released them Dory-side.  Barbless hooks made that easy on us all.

The ocean was gorgeous, we all caught a few fish, and it was a tremendous day to be on the wild Pacific with pelicans diving on bait.

Thanks to my friends who graciously put up with my fishing antics, excitability, and fly experiments,  allowing me to enjoy the salty fishes of the ocean.  All to soon, I will be back inland chasing Chinook, and i do mean chasing, because they are not pausing long in the estuary after the recent rains.

Jay Nicholas

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One Response to Dory Fleet update, October 5 2013

  1. doublebluff says:

    Great trip- thanks for posting.

    (confusion added because I accidentally posted about this trip on the post below. That’s a great fly, but this is what I was talking about.)

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