Tying a Kilowatt Steelhead Fly on a Jig Hook Fly Tying Video Instruction

Jay Nicholas claims that black and blue are well-known steelhead attractors. He’s probably right on that one. So is Flashabou. Jig hooks keep a swinging fly from snagging on rocks and sticks more so than a traditional down point hook.

Combine these features and you have a very simple fly to tie that fishes and fishes, and will be effective for salmon and steelhead wherever these fish live. Winter and summer steelhead, Kings, Silvers, lake-run Browns, and Atlantic Salmon should all eat this fly and it can be tied in any variety of Flashabou and body color combinations that please you and the fish in the local area where you may be fishing.

This Kilowatt is tied with Hareline Balz Eyes instead of the standard lead eyes because they look great and are incredibly durable, whereas the lead eyes will chip and break off when they bounce against rocks

If you insist, this fly can also be fished under a bobber. There. Said it.

The Kilowatt steelhead fly may be tied as an adaptation on a traditional hook shank with straight, turned-up, or turned-down eye. Your choice.

Fly 17

Key materials of this Kilowatt Steelhead fly are noted as follows:

Thread – Veevus 6/0 or 8/0 red

Hook – Daiichi 90 degree Standard Jig Hook D4660 #1
Hook alternative – Gamakatsu 90 degree Jig hook #1
Tail – Hareline Flashabou, Dark Blue or your variation
Tail – Hareline Flashabou, Dark Blue or your variation
Body – Hareline Cactus Chenille, Minnow Blue
Collar – Black EP Foxy Brush 1.5”
Dumbell Eyes – Hareline Balz Eyes, 5/23 medium, your color
Wire Cutters – Dr. Slick 4.75” Gold Barb Crusher Scissor Clamp

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One Response to Tying a Kilowatt Steelhead Fly on a Jig Hook Fly Tying Video Instruction

  1. Two Dogs says:

    Thanks for your efforts again. Was thinking of tying a minnow or sand lance version.
    in either case, looks like a fly we can all use! Good fishing.

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