July 31 2013 Oregon Saltwater Fly Fishing Report

Another day in the near shore Pacific off Oregon, exploring the saltwater fly
fishing world like a kid in a candy store. Calm ocean. Warmer water moving
onshore. TONS of baitfish. Silvers on the surface in the morning. Black
Rockfish at 15 ft all day long. Rockfish on the surface in the evening. None
of it is easy. All of it is fun. Plenty of no-fish times, mixed with oh my
goodness i have a fish on now how did my line get wrapped around my rod.
Jellyfish. Whales. Porpoise. Outboards and inboard motors that actually
function properly. Trucks NOT stuck in the sand. Chatter on Channel 5.
Mid-day naps. No time to tie more flies. The fun of never knowing when the
next tug will come, at what depth, and what sort of fish or critter it might be.

One of these days I will drone on about fly lines and have PLENTY to say about
flies. For now, though, the ocean is good, black is turning gray, and I’m going
out with my friends again. As long as they have a spare seat in the Dory, I
will be there if I am able.

fly fishing the oregon coast

A coho Double.

salmon fly fishing on the oregon coast caddisflyshop.com

No brand fixation here: Echo rod, Nautilus reel, Rio Striper fly line, all come
together in this magic Coho on the surface moment.

salmon fly fishing on the oregon coast oregonflyfishingblog.com

Tube flies with no barb were tasty for some . . . .

fly fishing for coho salmon

Coho Ocean sea lice.

inshore fly fishing the oregon coast

Trippling up on the Rockfish (someone was fishing two flies so there were
actually 4 good Blacks on at this moment.

coho fly fishing the oregon coast

Fresh protein for family and neighbors.


Desperately seeking Kings; Lingcod? Chasing Rockfish on the surface, and
waiting for the Tuna to turn on?

Hope this day is good for you and that I can report again soon.

JN (August 1 2013)

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6 Responses to July 31 2013 Oregon Saltwater Fly Fishing Report

  1. David Jensen says:

    Are these guys for hire? If so, how do I book a trip?

  2. fred hayes says:

    i follow your every post…thanks for the work you do! Grew up catching those fish-now i gotta try the fly!!

    tight lines and wet nets ~~;>)

  3. Duke says:

    Last week was fun on the water up and down the coast but be aware that coho season is now closed till September

  4. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    I have spoken with Joe Hay of Haystack Fishing


    phone: 503 965 7555

    email: huje@haystackfishing.com

    Any of our Caddis Fly Shop Clients who are interested in a Dory-based, ocean fly fishing or combo fly/gear trip may contact Joe or Wendy Hay and enquire about trip date availability, target species, and per-person cost.

    Trips can be shaped around a variety of bottom fish and salmon, perhaps tuna, all depending on ocean conditions and the latest fishing regulations. Joe emphasizes a quality ocean fishing experience and will discuss expectations with prospective clients. There are days when the best anglers will have difficulty catching fish on fly or gear, and days when most anglers will be able to catch fish. The very opportunity to launch in a Dory off the beach is a thrill in it’s own right and the various opportunities to see porpoise, whales, marine birds, shark, and who knows what are always enticing.

    Joe is an experienced Dory Captain USCG Licensed, and will provide information for individuals interested in a fly fishing or combination fly and conventional gear fishing charter off the beach at Cape Kiwanda here at Pacific City.

    Joe will note that he does NOT supply FLY TACKLE to clients, but if they want to shift from using their own fly gear to conventional tackle for bottom fish or salmon, he will provide the conventional tackle.

    I will prepare a short blog post next week outlining tackle for rockfish and salmon that we can use to guide any of our customers as well.

    Immediate questions about any aspect of gear, tackle, flies, lines and such may be referred to me by email or phone 541 224 3524, and i would be happy to advise people for the Shop.



  5. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Give it a try and you will have a blast, no matter what mood the fish are in on any given day. JN

  6. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Right on, and thank you very much for noting my omission of information. Our Coho action came during the season with a mix of both unmarked fish we released, and a few hatchery fish we kept. Most of the fish, however, released themselves from barbless hooks before asking our permission, wouldn’t you know? Always always check the regulations before going fishing, right after making sure you have the boat plugs in and gas in the tank, safety equipment,coffee, and …… JN

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