Matching the squatch hatch

Well, it’s finally happened. We here at The Caddis Fly have decided to come clean about this whole Bigfoot thing, in a new tell-all article in the latest edition of The Flyfish Journal.

Flyfish Journal

Pick up the latest copy and get the real story on the McKenzie River Sasquatch footage, the subsequent fame and fortune, and the curse of the man-ape that still haunts all involved to this day. Plus, some of the best photography and writing in the fly fishing biz.

It’s pretty amazing to share a masthead with John Geirach, but I doubt the feeling is mutual. I shared some pizza and a few beers with him while he was fishing for Chinook with Rob on the North Coast a couple years back. He was a class act.

John, if you happen to read this…. sorry.


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2 Responses to Matching the squatch hatch

  1. Shoshana says:

    Your son looks like a cuter version of ET

  2. David Jensen says:

    Thanks for coming clean, at last. You and Nate know that residents of the McKenzie know Squatch is among us. For years, late night drunks reported Squatch scavenging the garbage cans behind Ike’s as they wandered home. Ike’s shut down this April, and Squatch was missing. It recently re-opened, and a local neighbor guide recently saw it lurking in the bushes when he left Ike’s after beers with his clients. Stay thirsty, my friend!

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