TU hires Dean Finnerty

We heard from Tom Wolf recently that Trout Unlimited hired Dean Finnerty as the new Southwest Oregon field representative for the Sportsman’s Conservation Project.

finnertys bull trout

Per Dean’s blog: I’ll be working with a wide variety of stakeholders on issues related to high quality habitat for Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, Deer, Elk and other wildlife throughout the region. I’ll be primarily focused on working with groups on the “Copper/Salmon Wilderness area” in the upper Elk River Water Shed as well as the “Elk River Salmon Enhancement Area” (ERSEA) near Port Orford, Oregon. I’ll also be working on the “O&C Lands” issues as that legislation moves forward in the coming months.

Congratulations Dean on the new challenge.

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2 Responses to TU hires Dean Finnerty

  1. Tony Torrence says:

    Congratulations Dean! I could think of a better person for the job!!


  2. I appreciate the kind words, generous offers of help and well wishes. Southwest Oregon has some of the worlds greatest natural treasures and to be given the opportunity to have a voice in how those resources are allocated is an amazing opportunity and responsibilty that I’m honored to be entrusted with. I look forward to working with all interested stakeholders in protecting and increasing the quality of our treasured wild places. If I can ever be of assistance to any of the readers of the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog, please feel free to contact me anytime. Easy mends, Dean

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