Tying the Egg for Steak and Eggs Steelhead Fly

Jay Nicholas shows how to tie the so-called egg that slides on the trailer hook wire and is used in the popular and effective Steak and Eggs Steelhead fly.

This egg is tied on a very short tube that has been melted front and rear before sliding it onto the mandrel. This Egg is tied on a Pro Sportfisher Micro Tube but could also be tied on their classic tube small size, or any other tube for that matter, depending on your preferences.

This little tube egg must be threaded on the trailer wire prior to tying the rest of the fly, as the doubled over wire would not slide through the tube because it is just smaller diameter then the eye of a trailer hook eye.

Complete instructions for tying the steak and Eggs fly are in a separate video.

Please Note, there is more than one fly that is referred to as a Steak and Eggs, this one is designed to swing like an intruder or streamer fly.

Key materials of the trailer egg for this fly are noted as follows:

Thread: Veevus 6/0 or 10/0
Senyo’s Articulated Shank by Fish Skull
Senyo’s Intruder Trailer Wire
Hareline Speckled Crystal Chenille Medium, Pearl Fl Orange
Hareline Metz Soft Hackle, white, pink or Hot Orange

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