Long Tom River Fisheries Meeting this month

The Long Tom Watershed Council is hosting a public meeting 6pm, Jan 29th at the Monroe high school to discuss the state of fisheries on the river.

The Long Tom is home to a host of native fish species, including Pacific Lamprey, Oregon Chub, Spring Chinook, and Cutthroat Trout. Karen Hans, ODFW Fisheries Biologist and Jed Kaul, LTWC Fisheries Biologist / Restoration Projects Manager will discuss the status of these species, and offer suggestions on how you can help with protection and restoration.

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One Response to Long Tom River Fisheries Meeting this month

  1. Moon says:

    What a wonderful group of folks…. I got to work with them for just a short while before I had my upper back surgery last year. This group of folks do a great job and are very pleasant to be around, I couldn’t have enough good things to say about my short involvement with them or there dedication to that watershed. If you guys cam make it, go see’em – and to the Long Tom Watershed folks, thank you very much for all of your efforts.


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