Fly fishing links, December edition

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Fishing Jones (congratulations on nine years Pete!) has posted five ways to improve your hero shots.

Our buddy Captain Ken Jones moved from NYC to the Texas Coast this fall and is now catching all kinds of salty critters off the jetty at Port Aranas.

Matt Dunn at Fishbeer makes the move from Michigan to upstate NY. A cold river is a cold river and gravel is gravel is gravel.

publishes its Winter Steelhead Guide: This 2013 Guide offers the novice steelhead angler an overview of where and when to fish. For the more experienced angler, the Guide also includes updates on access, regulation changes and other changes that could affect fishing.

In a related note, ODFW is also stocking mega-pigs in local ponds. Brood stock rainbow trout weighing from 7-12 pounds will be released at several locations around the Willamette Valley.


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2 Responses to Fly fishing links, December edition

  1. David Jensen says:

    I had to quit playing hockey 5 years ago, but kept my gear. I also have kept my Marine Corps officer’s sword for 40 years. I am taking all that crap back to Illinois and booking a trip with Peoria Carp Hunters. This will beat Alaska and Costa Rica for sure.

  2. chaveecha says:

    Was digging the links and post until the ODFW mega-planters. Then I puked all over my clean laundry. Thanks a lot, Stansnugget.

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