Foam-Top Steelhead Skater Fly Tying Video

It’s prime time to skate a dry for Summer Steelhead. This video demonstrates how to tie on of the very best Steelhead Skaters around. Two layers of foam, a green butt and buoyant moose hair this pattern stays on top under tension down and across.

foam top skater steelhead pattern

Foam-Top Steelhead Skater

Hook: TMC 7989, sizes 4-8
Thread: Black Venus 6/0
Tail: Moose Body Hair; Two Strands Fl. Chartreuse Krystal Flash
Butt: Fl. Chartreuse Mini-Flat Braid
Body: Black Hareline Flat Diamond Braid
Wing: Black or Orange Hareline 2mm Foam
Thorax: Medium Black Hareline Cactus Chenille
Legs: Moose Body Hair

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