Debbie Dampens Caribbean Fly Fishing Adventure

island of cayo largo

Fifteen of us (11 anglers) traveled to the Isle of Cayo Largo this past June to fly fish for Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit. The small island south of the Cuban mainland is a 35 minute flight from Havana. Two years in the making, I had high hopes that this trip would be off the charts saltwater fly fishing.

Needless to say you can’t control the weather….. Tropical Storm Debbie cut our six day fishing portion of the trip to three days with little sunshine.

water spout develops

labounty by the pool

We did have two decent days of weather and fishing was very good. One in our group had a grand slam before lunch on the first day! Bonefish were plentiful, and had a bigger than expected average of 3.5-6lbs. All six boats saw Permit everyday and most had decent shots at them. Tarpon were jumped and landed everyday we fished.

Cayo Largo Bonefish Double

Stormy Bonefishing

bonefishing in cayo largo

Dockside Tarpon

Tarpon Fly Fishing in Cayo Largo Cuba

Snapper in Cayo Largo Caddis Fly Angling Shop Trip

Once the Harbor Master closed the Marina we flew back to Havana and had fun exploring the quickly changing Capital.

Old cars in havana

Havana Fort

old chevy havana taxi

havana fishing for food

ernesto at the floridita

We all got a taste of what this trip could be with reasonable weather and vowed to go back. Stay tuned for next years report.


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2 Responses to Debbie Dampens Caribbean Fly Fishing Adventure

  1. Brent Maher says:

    great pics Chris, Thanks for giving us a taste!
    Brent Maher

  2. Dave Vázquez says:

    Nice mutton snapper! That’s a real flats coup!

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