South Island Trip Wrap Photos

We’ve had a great time in New Zealand this year. New friendships, new rivers and many fun adventures experienced. Here are a few photos from our last week.

view of lake wanaka

View of Lake Wanaka where we made our home base for two weeks. Wanaka is a really cool town near all kinds of fishing, and within striking distance of innumerable activities from Bungy Jumping to Wine Tasting.

a+p show wanaka

Wanaka A+P Show Jack Russell Race. Letting the Jack Russell’s get a sniff of a dead Rabbit.

a+p show wanaka

Over 70 Jack Russell’s line up to chase the Rabbit. Absolute chaos ensued.

clutha brown

clutha brown

Clutha River Brown Trout

south island browny

South Island Brown. Thanks for the loan of the Hatch Reel Bruce, it worked well!

chasing a 6lbs rainbow

Chasing a Rainbow Down

south island backwater Brown

Back Water Brown

feeding lamchop

Farm-Stay Fun

feeding lamchop

LambChop gets her bottle.

looking up the wilkin river valley

Classic New Zealand River Valley

chasing thar in the makarora valley

Chasing Thar in the Makarora River Valley

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3 Responses to South Island Trip Wrap Photos

  1. fred in eagle point says:

    Thank you and your family so much for sharing these amazing photos…tight lines;>)

  2. mike doughty says:

    looks like a great trip

  3. Dale Krenek says:

    Glad all went well!! Looking forward to some Cubism!

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