Coastal Streams Producing

Coastal streams are in fine shape this week. Anglers should see good results from projected rain showers and lower river levels over the next few days. Cloudy skies and appropriate nymphing techniques, provided Mckenzie River Trust board memberĀ  Jim Reichman a fine hatchery Steelhead this week. Using a lowly glowly with a suspended egg pattern proved to be the winning combination.

Jim Siletz

Lou was able to land a fine buck with a similar combination of flies, while Jim piloted “the beast” through the turbulent waters.

Siletz mongo three

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4 Responses to Coastal Streams Producing

  1. Nate K. says:

    Lou! That’s not a trout! What gives?

  2. Rob R says:

    Not a trout? I beg to differ…

  3. steve says:

    It’s hard to see the vest with all that “Chrome” in the way… :)

  4. Nate K. says:

    Touche, Rob, touche. Let me clarify: That’s not a resident trout.

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